Lisa Wood | Stress & Anxiety
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We all experience some degree of stress or anxiety. It’s natural. But there are times when its effects interfere with our ability to enjoy life fully. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming.

The fact that you have found your way to this page suggests that you are stronger than you may have thought. Whether you are stressed at work or suffering panic attacks there is hope. Peace of mind is available to you.

Please get in touch.

Click below to arrange a complimentary consultation. Any questions you may have will be answered and we can discover the best way forward for you.


Most of us live with some level of stress. But sometimes it can become so uncomfortable or persistent that it feels overwhelming. This can happen to anyone.

If you are unsure whether you are suffering from the effects of stress, common signs include sleep disturbance, loss of appetite, sweating and lack of concentration. There may also be associated physical symptoms such as headache, stomach-ache, muscle pain or dizziness.

If you feel you are over-stressed it might seem that your options are limited. It’s important that you know that there are effective ways of dealing with stress.

There are some fundamental psychological principles that, when understood, can release the pressure. Life can feel lighter. You can let go of the load.

If you would like to regain a sense of balance please get in touch. I’m here for you whenever you’re ready.



Anxiety is a universal experience. You are not alone.

But it can be difficult when it limits the way you live your life. For some people, feelings of anxiety are experienced so frequently it can be hard for them to imagine feeling any other way.

The symptoms can be both physical and emotional, and can include anything from shaking, sweating, shortness of breath, to a feeling of tension, impending doom, or  just general  uneasiness.

It might be hard to imagine but an easier and more carefree experience is available to you.

If you feel you are suffering from mild or severe anxiety the most important thing to know is that it is treatable. You can experience life differently.

Please do get in touch whenever you are ready. I’m here for you.

Panic Attacks

Panic attacks are not dangerous and shouldn’t cause any physical harm but the symptoms can be frightening. They can start suddenly and often for no apparent reason.

They can last anything from 5 to 20 minutes. You may experience an overwhelming sense of fear or a sense of unreality. The physical symptoms include heart palpitations, sweating, trembling, shortness of breath, chest pain, and nausea.

During a panic attack it can be helpful to slow your breathing. It is also useful to avoid caffeine, smoking and alcohol, and to eat regular meals to avoid your blood sugar levels dropping.

For many people, one of the worst effects of panic attacks is the fear of having another one, and of suffering an attack in a public place

For long-term relief, an exploration of the physiological principles behind our experience can offer huge improvements and freedom from the fear of repeat attacks.

If you are suffering with panic attacks please do get in touch. There is a way to find relief, and experience more ease in your life.

Please contact me whenever you are ready.

Low Mood

Almost everyone experiences low feelings at some point in their lives. It is a normal, (although not inevitable), response to bereavement, job loss, bullying and other life challenges. It’s also possible to feel low for no obvious reason.

Symptoms range from lack of motivation and enjoyment in life to persistent feelings of hopelessness, guilt, intolerance, irritation or worry. At its most extreme there can be suicidal or self-harming thoughts.

Usually, a low mood lifts naturally with time. But for some people the feelings are prolonged or can dip into depression. In the darkest moments in can seem as though those feelings will never lift.

But that is not the case. There is hope. Our experience of life can change

If you are struggling with your feelings please get in touch. Life can be painful but you do not have to suffer. It might be hard to see right now but there is light at the end of the tunnel. There is a way out. You can experience life differently.

Please contact me whenever you are ready.


In some situations anger can be a healthy response. But when it is recurring or unresolved it can feel uncomfortable, and create relationship, career or health problems. These can include high blood pressure, heart attack, anxiety, indigestion, depression, and low immunity.

Living with unresolved or recurring anger can leave you feeling out of control or helpless. It can also result in feelings of guilt or embarrassment in response to an inappropriate outburst. But you don’t have to live that way. You can learn to feel and behave differently. Your relationships and your health will benefit.

If you have difficulty controlling your anger, you experience outbursts or a low level sense of injustice please get in touch. You can regain control. Life can feel lighter.

I’m here for you whenever you are ready.