Psychological Principle No 1: The Art of Thought

‘…the type of attention you bring to bear dictates the world you discover’.

Iain McGilchrist

A few years ago I had an ah-ha moment! It might not sound like much when you read it here but it was the catalyst for a huge shift in the way I feel about everything. Here goes – for a split second, I saw that we create our experience  through thought. Small isn’t it? But once I understood that, life began to feel lighter.

A client recently put it well. She said ‘last week I felt terrible and this week I feel great but nothing in my life has changed’. We’ve all had that experience haven’t we? There are times when we expect to be enjoying ourselves but we’re not, and times when everything is going wrong and yet we feel great!

That’s because our feelings are not a direct response to what is happening on the outside. Our feelings come from inside. We feel our thinking. And like artists we paint the canvas of our experience through the medium of thought. When writer Denis Potter was dying he described looking out of his window and seeing ‘the whitest, frothiest, blossomest blossom that there ever could be’.

In my experience, the more we see for ourselves the psychological principles at play in our minds, the lighter we tend to feel – no matter what is happening in our lives.


‘…wherever you place your thoughts you begin to create your experience.’

Sanaya Roman


22nd September 2015