Blog: Can Stress Become a Habit?

What if somewhere along the line we learned to be stressed or anxious and then forgot how to be any different? Could it really be that simple?

When I was a kid I challenged myself not to laugh at comedians. It was just a spur of the moment personal challenge – a ‘let’s see if I can do that’ moment. But through practice the habit stuck and for quite a few years I missed out on a lot of potential laughter! Why would I do that? Well, I just didn’t notice that it had become a habit until I did. And then I let go. Now I welcome the opportunity for laughter.

That’s the great thing about habits – they can change! Here are three pointers that may help.

  1. Not every thing you think is true

Often we learn behaviours unconsciously. Stress, worry and anxiety can all become habitual patterns without us really noticing it happen. It doesn’t mean that every thought we have is true! It just means we’ve learned to think in a particular way. When we take step back and see that we’re just caught in a loop, transformation can begin.

  1. More thinking leads to more stress

When we get stuck in heavy, anxious thinking we often make the mistake of believing the best way out is to think our way out. This can lead to further feelings of anxiety and becomes a great excuse to beat ourselves up. And yet all we really need to do is let go of those thoughts for a while, and make space for peace of mind to shine through.

  1. Peace comes from the inside

In a world that seems to value external accomplishments we learn to look outside of ourselves for wellbeing. We try to do more and achieve more.  But in the process we can lose touch with our innate intelligence, peace of mind and common sense. Letting go of who we think we ought to be gives us the freedom to be our true selves – more amazing than we could have imagined!

It really is that simple. But when we’re stuck in a habit it usually doesn’t feel that way!

If you’re caught in a loop and longing for peace of mind please get in touch. I’d love to help you let go of old habits, and rediscover your true lightness and magnificence.


15th January 2016