Lisa Wood | Meditate and Radiate at Shoreditch House – 2017 dates
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Meditate and Radiate at Shoreditch House – 2017 dates

With Lisa Wood and Katie Abbott

Relax your mind, relax your body, and prepare to shine from the inside out. Give yourself this space and every area of your life will benefit. Change starts within and now is your time to meditate and radiate.

These events are for members of Shoreditch House and there is also a limited guest list so if you’d like to come along please get in touch.

Thursday 6th April at 11am

Thursday 11th May at 11am

Thursday 8th June at 11am

Thursday 6th July at 11am

Thursday 3rd August at 11am

Thursday 7th September at 11am

Thursday 12th October at 11am

Thursday 16th November at 11am

Thursday 14th December at 11am