Lisa helped me immensely with overcoming a whirlwind of feelings of worry, stress and anxiety that was new to me after Dad passed away suddenly. I benefited hugely from Lisa – not just from her openness and understanding, but from her deep knowledge of how grief and love impact us.  The first time we met was an incredible experience, I left feeling so much lighter and with a clearer head. I apply Lisa’s wisdom every day and am in a much happier place!

Olivia, London

My sessions with Lisa are revealing, emotional and enlightening.   She has a heightened ability to support, inform and nurture her clients.  I find myself expressing emotions and thoughts I never knew I had, telling her things I have never thought I would tell anyone and finding answers I never knew I was searching for.  I am able to express myself without any fear of judgement and to gain insight into a more peaceful way of being.  I simultaneously discover that I am more and less ok than I thought I was.  I have clarity of thought.  The effects of my sessions with Lisa are both individual and cumulative, instant and gradual.  Lisa has a profound effect on those in her presence.

DNS, London

Lisa is a down to earth and joyful spirit. To be in touch with her is transformational and uplifting. She has a knack for bringing out the underlying abundance, truth and peace that lies in everyone, and awakening the creative possibilities within. It is a challenge not to feel good and light after seeing her.

Gwen, London

Lisa is a wonderful therapist. I met her at a time when I was extremely desperate and unhappy. I was dealing with OCD and did not know what to do or where to turn. Lisa is a great listener; she makes you feel like everything you have to say is valuable. Her method of therapy that shows you back to your “true self” is enlightening. She helped me realise that I have all the tools I need to be well; that I don’t need to worry so much or take everything so seriously. That’s the beauty of her therapy she shows you how strong the human spirit is. I regard her as a great friend. I saw her weekly for over six months and then once every few weeks, to once a month, to not at all now….and I miss her! I would not hesitate to contact her if I needed her help again.

Laura Jenkins, London

Lisa is an amazing coach. She has a fantastic way of creating a loving space in a session. Her vulnerability and willingness to explore together is a beautiful combination and so impactful!

JC, Los Angeles