Certified Practitioner Training 2016 at Pause Place

The first ever professional training programme dedicated to the strength of presence, love and connection.

This is an opportunity to train over six months with some of the warmest and wisest hearts and minds in the field of Psychology, enabling you to facilitate transformative conversations with clients, employees, colleagues or any people you interact with in your life including family, friends, children and loved ones.

Over six months you will take part in a journey that will not only be transformative personally but will ensure that who you are, your presence, your being- will create impact in every environment.

Are you ready to discover the core elements and skills necessary to be a highly effective coach, change worker and individual?

Are you ready to develop the personal grounding necessary to support others in living inspired, healthy and happy lives?

Are you ready to connect with a group of committed practitioners who will support you in your own personal journey and in the creation of setting up or enriching your current practice?

Are you ready to take part in an experience that will place you at the forefront of the field of personal development and allow you to be a leader in your field?

Are you ready to improve the quality of all of your relationships- with family, partner, children, friends, colleagues and clients?

Are you ready to use the power of love, connection and presence to transform your life and the lives of others?


7th &8th May

11th & 12th June

2nd & 3rd July

20th & 21st August

24th &25th September

22nd &23rd October

For more information visit: http://www.pauseplace.com/professional-training/

Pause Place

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