An Experiment in Mindfulness

This is a simple practice to bring awareness to the sensations in the body. It offers an internal dialogue beyond the chatter of the mind. And it can help you feel more grounded and aligned.

Perhaps you can try this once a day for seven days and notice how you feel.

The Five-Step Mindfulness Experiment

One: Give yourself five minutes. Close your eyes if it’s comfortable.

Two: Tune into your body. Where is your attention drawn? Trust it. Be curious.

Three: Notice what you can feel. We experience all sorts of sensations in our bodies. You might become aware of warmth, or tingling, or numbness, or fluttering, or heaviness….

Four: Don’t be tempted to judge or label any experience as happy, sad, anxious, good or bad. Allow space for everything.

Five: Unexpected emotions may arise. Let them flow. Life is rich and varied. You are here to notice. To listen. To be present to whatever comes.