Lisa Wood | Sensitivity
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Being sensitive is not an easy path. And, can intensify feelings of overwhelm. Not that sensitivity is a choice. Some of us are simply born that way.

It is not an aberration. The survival of a tribe relies on access to a wide range of skills. Some of us are hardy and can keep going no matter what – and that’s useful. And some of us are sensitive and notice subtle shifts in our environment – that’s also useful.

So, why do sensitive people often report that they don’t want this so-called gift, and wish they didn’t feel so deeply, or care so much?

Societally, we do not seem to value sensitivity. In some contexts it’s even considered a flaw or a drawback. And, it’s not often a skill that’s financially rewarded. Although many sensitive humans find creative ways of making a living. And, use their sensitivity to slip through the cracks, and flourish.

Because sensitivity really is a gift. And if it goes unacknowledged or unrewarded collectively, that makes it even more vital for individuals to claim this magic for themselves.

Think of the potential for this power. Sensitive people can often feel the emotional temperature of an individual, or a group. They can tune in. Sense danger. Or know when to offer warm words, or a hug. Often, they are highly attuned to the needs of others.

Sensitive people can feel deeply. Care deeply. They can be transformed by the smallest experience. Their instincts and intuitions are acute.

They can be creatively gifted in the arts or music. And, when nourished, they generate beauty in their surroundings and relationships.

Every sensitive human’s gifts are different. But all have value. And without them our world would be colder, harsher and less coherent. If you are a sensitive human perhaps it’s time to claim your gifts.

By taking care of your own needs and talents you may find you contribute more than you ever thought possible.

If these words resonate with you, please get in touch.